Saturday, June 23, 2012

baby shower

We had the great privilege of hosting our dear friends' co-ed baby shower at our house last Saturday.
I had a blast making and arraging the decor for our get-together.

Much of what I used I already had or bought colored construction paper to create, 
so it was beautiful & thrifty - just my taste! 

Again, my photos are just taken with my phone, so they don't quite do it justice, but you can get the idea nonetheless.

I found this general idea off Pinterest, though I kinda just got inspired there and cut these out of the paper I got for my garland project below; it says: "Grow Wise Little Owl"
Suitcase was my grandma on my dad's side (carried around her avon from it for years), coffee pot was my great-grandma's on my mom's side (borrowed from my mum), wooden lantern made by my uncle for my cousin's wedding (awesome, right?)

The two on the right are avon.

Birdcage given to me by an old employer, vase from the Muellers, scrap fabric from making pillows; chalkboard in the background has a quote from the song "My Eyes" by Travis, along with Andrew's famous chocolate chip cookies. YUM!  

Salt shaker we got at Buffalo a while back

Paint swatches from Ace, stamped with instructions for purses/presents, awesome card we bought from a neat new store in the mall called Typo.

Tissue paper flowers (big thanks to Loretta for letting me use her already made orange ones!), white plastic table cloths from dollar store we already had up from Emily & Sara's birthday party.

Got this idea off Pinterest, quote from Tracy's Pinterest Board: "you & me are meant to be"

These little birdies are old avon soaps, so stinking cute!

This was project I found off Pinterest: Dixie Cup Garland 
My gift wrapping job; I found these little baby spoons at the antique store, just loved them!

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