Friday, July 15, 2011

harry potter

I am mildly obsessed with Harry Potter, both the books and movies. (shhhh...don't tell)
I am not really the crazy fan type that has memorabilia up the wazzo and goes to the midnight showings (my obsession is mostly limited to reading the books and watch the movies constantly)...

But, I couldn't resist making something that reminds me of the story.
I made the snitch necklace a while back, but never posted it.
Thought it was now or never:

And I've painted my nails maroon to show some Gryffindor spirit for tomorrow...

I'm going to the movie tomorrow afternoon with my hubby, brother, and papa.

Maybe this fall I'll get my scarf made finally....


  1. Amazing!!!!! I love that you did this!!

  2. Hey Sara! Love the necklace. This is Jane from Minnesota. I actually had a dream last night and Andrew (Kind Eyes) was in it. It was weird. He was visiting and I was surprised to see him. He told me that you 2 live in the country of Arizona and that he was surprised that he did because he's a "big city" kind of guy. haha. weird. Just thought I'd share! Great blog!