Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Trimmings

As I'm trying to fanatically get everything ready for Christmas next week, I thought I'd take a break and get out the camera. Most of my decorations haven't changed in the last couple years, but I still love all my cheesy vintage hand-me-downs from my grandparents/parents.

Carolers painted by my aunt years ago...

Vintage Postcard

Some cute mice I got from my mom

'Nuther cute critter from mom

Fake Flowers...


Inspired by my friend Alysa

The crocheted bells are ones my mom made :)

Christmas Card

I love the scented pine cones!

Courtesy of my grandparents

Instead of buying wrapping paper, I'm wrapping our gifts in flipped Trader Joe's paper bags & wrapping nice ribbon around them or stamping the outside. The outsides of the bags are even holiday themed, so I can use those for tags!

Wonderful vintage birdcage my boss gave to me

Picture Corner

Majestic Tree

Hope your holidays are merry & bright!

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  1. sarah i LOVE that you used trader joe's bags for wrapping gifts! such a good idea!