Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Okay, so I'm kinda enjoying the halloween season more than usual. It's bringing out a darker creative side of me. Not that these are really "dark" per se... but slightly more so in color scheme than usual. And in doing costume research for Zombie/Vampire Prom, my inspiration took a different turn...

I made these last weekend right after the other earrings I posted. They are some of my favorites I've made in a while:

The first photo here is both the pair of earrings & my necklace project for today. The image is a print from one of my paintings, just turned black & white. The copper colored backing & bail to the pendant is from a piece that my friend Jen gave me in a costume jewelry stash she acquired & passed on to me! Thanks, Jen!:


  1. I love that pendant (and the painting it's from). You are so talented Sarah!

  2. you really do make beautiful jewelery. I can not get over it :) Its refreshing to see earrings not made of cheesy beads or something of that nature.

    - Mandy Andree

  3. Thanks, friends! You make me smile :)

  4. Love the jewelry Sarah! The model makes them look beautiful too!

  5. You are so gifted, and I am really impressed. Are you doing any retail shows?

  6. Lovelovelove. Especially the first pair.