Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gifts from the Heartland

Please excuse my lack of posting last week. In my ambition to get my reading and exercise routine in place, I put this on hold. I digress...

My mom & her sister recently payed a visit to their homeland of Nebraska. I was quite jealous as I am always anxious to visit the "heartland" this time of year for missing the change of seasons. Since I've only really had this experience once in my life, while I lived in Minneapolis, I am so eager to do it again. Oh well... maybe next year?

While they were there, they both thought of me & picked up some super fun finds at the local antique store & a junk jaunt. My mom brought me a glass jar full of vintage beads and my aunt brought me a couple baggies full of vintage clip-ons! They definitely know the way to my heart! Thank you both SO much for thinking of me!

These were all quite simple projects as three out of four of them were easy clip-on conversions. But simple & easy is perfectly fine with me! Classic & simple is still my style:

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