Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Old to New

Two summers ago, Andrew and I tried to move away from Tucson. Most of you know what happened after that. ::wink::wink:: But in the time we were "visiting" the midwest, we helped my grandparents move out of their house. In this process, we were given much of their furniture and belongings.

Since I am kind of crazed for old things, I had a marvelous time going through stuff with my mom & aunt. I ended up with a bunch of my grandma's old jewelry, mostly Avon from the years and years she sold it.

Some of the things I brought back with me weren't all that neat in and of themselves... I'm not sure what possessed me to take them in the fist place. But after going through loads of things in our home I came across a container full of old clip-on earrings.

A lot of them were just... boring... even ugly:

So I decided that something should be done with them. I studied some to see what the best way to alter them would be. Two of them I simply made ear-wires for and hung. The two with enamel on them, I decided to see if I could embellish, since they were nothing special. I ended up etching some designs on them.

Here are my upcycled creations:

And the old have new life.

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  1. Sarah, I love these! You have such an eye for making old things new. Great job!