Tuesday, August 17, 2010

antique shop finds

This past weekend, Andrew & I went to Sedona, Jerome & Cottonwood, AZ with some great friends. We hadn't been there in a long time and both us couples went to Sedona on our honeymoons, so it seemed fitting to make the trip together.

While Sedona has it's own appeal (if you're a fan of red rocks, hiking, vortices, etc), our main agenda was to visit Jerome. It's a lovely old copper mining/ghost town built into the side of a mountain and I can't get enough of it! There is plenty of history, art, food, antiques, and sites to spend hours upon hours there.

Since Cottonwood is on the way to & from Jerome, we stopped there to have a late lunch & visit some antique shops. I found so much stuff I would have LOVED to purchase, however, I was limited to a small amount of spending money (and it went waaaayyyy too fast, I might add!). What I did find were some great faceted beads from this shop that sells everything from yarn to beads to boots & outdated clothes and much, much more. I also found a cute little necklace at one of the largest antique shops I've ever seen.

I started with the beads I bought, took pieces of the necklace apart & used some of my own supplies to create, you guessed it, more earrings:


  1. Love em! And I love the photos too. Such talent, thanks for sharing.
    -Laura, friend of Penny Kelley's/Xanga/Facebook :)

  2. those are all so amazing! i love all of them!

  3. Love these! I wish I had that talent!

  4. I really love the ones at the top. They are so pretty! I love the stuff you make. :)