Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Man's Treasure

One of my true joys in life is extreme transformation... which is probably why I enjoy make-over shows so much... (did I just admit that? hmmm... haha) It doesn't really matter what is being transformed, but the end results after all the work is always fun for me to experience. For this reason, taking old jewelry, especially ugly old jewelry, and making it pretty is so rewarding to me! I love seeing the potential in a mess, a piece of junk, etc...

We had a garage sale with our community group today & I found these clip-on lovelies in Emily's stuff to sell:

Super outdated, and really, not something too "hip" even in their time, but I knew when I saw them that I could make a go of them.
So, I took them apart & striped the paint off and:

I'm really happy with the way these turned out...
Simple, but that's usually how I roll.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Since I couldn't figure out a creative theme for the group of photos I took last, I just settled for the pieces with flowers. I love flowers... sometimes too much. Maybe it's the romantic in me that draws me in to them... whatever the case, flowers are always a popular subject found in jewelry:

the button part of these used to be cufflinks...

these flower pieces used to be earrings that I dissected to make into a necklace...

these, too, were clip-ons that I converted into hoops...

Monday, August 23, 2010

grape vines

I was really in the mood to take photos on Saturday and got caught up on most of the stuff I've made in the last week or so. Mostly earrings, of course!

But for today, I thought I'd just post the ones I made for Mrs. Mueller last week. They definitely remind me of grape vines... and though that was not intentional... I kinda like it. They were very fun to make & I'm so happy to use my talents to make my friends things I know they will enjoy. Think of me if you're in the market for a girly gift... :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

antique shop finds

This past weekend, Andrew & I went to Sedona, Jerome & Cottonwood, AZ with some great friends. We hadn't been there in a long time and both us couples went to Sedona on our honeymoons, so it seemed fitting to make the trip together.

While Sedona has it's own appeal (if you're a fan of red rocks, hiking, vortices, etc), our main agenda was to visit Jerome. It's a lovely old copper mining/ghost town built into the side of a mountain and I can't get enough of it! There is plenty of history, art, food, antiques, and sites to spend hours upon hours there.

Since Cottonwood is on the way to & from Jerome, we stopped there to have a late lunch & visit some antique shops. I found so much stuff I would have LOVED to purchase, however, I was limited to a small amount of spending money (and it went waaaayyyy too fast, I might add!). What I did find were some great faceted beads from this shop that sells everything from yarn to beads to boots & outdated clothes and much, much more. I also found a cute little necklace at one of the largest antique shops I've ever seen.

I started with the beads I bought, took pieces of the necklace apart & used some of my own supplies to create, you guessed it, more earrings:

Friday, August 13, 2010

a little cue from art deco

I apologize for not posting again yet. As I have quite a lot of free time on my hands, I don't have much excuse. Could I pretend that I was busy making things in that time?

Though I love at least a portion of vintage or antique from any given time period, I think one of my favorites is Art Deco. Most of these wouldn't really fall into that category exactly, but have a little inspiration from that time period. Art Deco tends to be slightly too elegant for every day wear so I like to add hints of the style to my work. Like most of my jewelry, the pieces for these are recycled from things I've found at antique shops, my grandma's jewelry, and things that I've had around for years:

All of these are my own pieces & aren't for sale, but if you're interested in having me make something inspired by then, let me know! I'm happy to make custom pieces for you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Old to New

Two summers ago, Andrew and I tried to move away from Tucson. Most of you know what happened after that. ::wink::wink:: But in the time we were "visiting" the midwest, we helped my grandparents move out of their house. In this process, we were given much of their furniture and belongings.

Since I am kind of crazed for old things, I had a marvelous time going through stuff with my mom & aunt. I ended up with a bunch of my grandma's old jewelry, mostly Avon from the years and years she sold it.

Some of the things I brought back with me weren't all that neat in and of themselves... I'm not sure what possessed me to take them in the fist place. But after going through loads of things in our home I came across a container full of old clip-on earrings.

A lot of them were just... boring... even ugly:

So I decided that something should be done with them. I studied some to see what the best way to alter them would be. Two of them I simply made ear-wires for and hung. The two with enamel on them, I decided to see if I could embellish, since they were nothing special. I ended up etching some designs on them.

Here are my upcycled creations:

And the old have new life.